FINALLY: My end of year classroom blog for 2017-18

After having the honor to present at the Northwest Teaching for Social Justice Conference 2017 in Seattle, I was more than fired up to get my year-long, multi-classroom blog under way.

I wanted to take my classroom blogs one step further, after having great experiences with using them as end of year projects. Classroom blogs naturally commemorated the classroom community, honored student voices, and created an authentic publishing space that students would be able to access and revisit for the rest of their lives.  While classroom blogs are an awesome end of year project, wouldn’t it be better to have this student-centered resource the whole year around?

Then life changed. I had already been grappling with the shrinkage of my classroom time from a ~2 hour block to a ~45 min period. I had moved to a different grade level, and my new PLC had very different expectations of how lockstep we would be. On top of that, I broke my foot without knowing it, and was hobbling around for too long before I took stock, went to the doctor, and got X-rays and a cast. By the time of February rolled around, I knew I would only have time for an end-of-year blog. 

The time crunch this year has been so intense that it’s even consolidated my six to eight week end-of-year-project into three weeks (!) So, while one part of me feels like I haven’t moved forward with classroom blogs, a wiser part of me recognizes that this year’s project is ambitious in its own right, and will be full of challenges. More than that, I am excited to be the guinea pig for the many teachers out there who can only afford to have a blog unit of three weeks (or less,) and would want to consolidate all of their classes into a shared space. 


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